What Is Tourisme Sept-Îles?

An Organization

For over thirty years, Tourisme Sept-Îles has organized, structured, and developed the tourist industry in partnership with local organizations. It is involved with, develops and implements projects in cooperation with local groups in order to better respond to the changing demands of the tourist industry.
A non-profit organization, Tourisme Sept-Îles has served as the catalyst of supply and demand in the region since 1975. Its primary objectives are to stimulate interest in the tourist industry and accelerate its development.
Tourisme Sept-Îles’ role consists of much more than greeting tourists and giving out information. It includes promotion and publicity, commercialization, providing services such as welcoming and reception parties, city tours for tourists, etc. It also includes all the support surrounding the planning of various events, the management of a campground and Grande Basque Island, as well as the organization and management of specific projects such as the Sept Îles Archipelago and the arrival of international cruise ships.