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Treasures galore!

Sept-Îles is located opposite the archipelago that gave it its name. Consisting of seven islands, it protects the bay from strong winds and stormy weather. The islands, close to 565 million years old, have been the key witnesses to the history of Sept-Îles.


They witnessed dinosaurs and ice ages, Vikings, and Basque fishermen. They saw Jacques Cartier as he sailed by the bay in 1535, as well as the Innu, coureurs des bois, and merchants who traded their products and commodities at the Sept-Îles trading post.


There are excursions that will lead you on a voyage of discovery through the archipelago. Get up close and personal with the colonies of migratory birds on Corossol Island, learn the basics of mariculture (marine farming) on Grosse Boule Island, or set foot on Grande Basque Island and hike up to its lookout point to enjoy the stunning vista.


There is a treasure to discover on each island as well as its unique history!

Explore the rich and fascinating history of Sept-Îles

Sept-Îles has been visited for thousands of years and has a rich history. With the arrival of Jacques Cartier in 1535, its history reveals the unique contributions of European and Aboriginal cultures, and later, natural resource development and industrialization.


Set off to explore the captivating historical events by touring the many museums of the region. Jump with both feet into the 19th century and learn the rudiments of living in a trading post when the fur trade was in its heyday.


Tour the Côte-Nord regional museum to learn all about the region's history. Step back in time to more than 9,000 years ago, and experience the permanent exhibition "Lands of Senses: The Great Journey."


To steep yourself in Aboriginal culture, head to the Shaputuan museum, a centre for the transmission of Innu culture. Take in the permanent exhibition which illustrates the traditional life of the Innu through the seasons.


Find out more about the history of industrial development in Sept-Îles at the Clarke City interpretation centre, in a village that was the first industrial city on the North Shore owing to the pulp and paper industry.


Come and experience the rich and fascinating history of Sept-Îles!

Some surprising encounters

The bay of Sept-Îles is teeming with life, from the smallest organism to the largest mammal!


Take an excursion to the Archipelago and learn about its intriguing marine fauna. You might even spot one of the impressive marine mammals such as seals, dolphins, porpoises, minke whales, fin whales, blue whales and humpback whales!


Go ashore Grande Basque Island and experience the marine basin, an interactive interpretive activity on marine biology. Discover the organisms and small animals that live in the bay of Sept-Îles. Learn interesting facts on algae, molluscs, echinoderms and crustaceans.


For an agritourism adventure, take the educational shuttle from Ferme Maricole Purmer. Find out all the facets of seaweed, mussel and scallop farming. The experience is highly interactive: see, touch, and taste!


Explore the marine world and be amazed!

Enjoy a taste of the North Shore!

An intoxicating mixture of land and sea, Sept-Îles delivers an exquisite blend of flavours and serves up some of the most authentic culinary dishes. Beyond its sandy beaches and boreal forest lie kilometres of tundra and peat bogs. A most delectable treasure!


Located at the mouth of the St. Lawrence, the sea provides an abundant variety of fish, shellfish and crustaceans. See the fishermen at work on a stroll through the fishing grounds where the catch is offloaded and delivered directly to the shops. Then sample the fruits of their labour by visiting the fishmongers and restaurants of the region. Pure delight!


From appetizer to dessert, all the flavours of the North Shore will spar for attention on your plate and there’s something for everyone! Flavours of freshness that we recommend you to take the time to savour ...

Welcome outdoor enthusiasts

With its large expanses of pristine nature, Sept-Îles has a range of activities in store for outdoor enthusiasts. Nestled between land and sea, Sept-Îles invites visitors to both relax and explore!


Indulge in wilderness camping on an island or take a hike in the heart of the boreal forest. Swim right in the sea or canoe down the legendary Moisie River. Scuba dive in the gulf waters and appreciate the abundance of the St. Lawrence River, or head to the beach and gaze at the stars. Experience it to the fullest and discover the true northern aspect of the region on a ski or snowmobile excursion. 


Sept-Îles is the perfect place to go hunting or fishing. And from mid-April to mid-May, our moonlit beaches beckon visitors to witness a genuine capelin roll. 


Yearning for the great outdoors? You’ve come to the right place!